Company introduction

On January 23, 1995, Zdeněk Kandl and Michal Lebovič founded the company TROELL s.r.o. The subject of its activity was the trade in computing and telecommunications technology, software and IT services. With the arrival of the first online stores in the Czech Republic, our company began to develop an online store for its needs. Since we have been users of the Byznys ERP system since the beginning, the e-shop was built on this platform from the beginning, and is fully integrated into this system.

In 2005, we started offering the online store (order system) as a suitable extension of the Byznys system for electronic trading. It was also at this time that he got his name iBYZNYS. From this moment on, we are fully dedicated only to the development of our e-shop.

The development concerns both the functionality itself and the design, and last but not least, the connection with other related services. For example, support for the GoPay payment gateway, support for delivery points, connection to goods comparators (,, or connection to some services of the Google platform.

An experienced team of our employees and colleagues is dedicated to development, sales and subsequent customer care.